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Welcome to Osborne Nursery School and Children’s Centre

We offer a creative stimulating balance of child initiated and adult led activities and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We are committed to outdoor learning, being freely accessible to children and families.

The children are divided into 4 key worker groups of 15 children where they have the support of a key worker, who is the main link between child, family and nursery. We aim to offer a learning environment that enables and empowers children to become independent learners and thinkers, who are able to communicate clearly and sociably with others.

We work closely with artists and performers to ensure a rich creative learning environment.

We work closely with parents as you know your children the best. All families are offered an initial contract meeting and regular parent consultations and workshops. We have an open door policy and your partnership is valued.

The number of people that have viewed this site so far is:

  • “Children behave well, because rules are clear and adults’ expectations are consistent. Staff plan interesting and exciting activities and as a result, children enjoy school. OFSTED 2012
  • “The information about life is presented to the children in very accessible form.” Parents Questionnaire 2013
  • “Osborne nursery helped my son settle in very well and the whole getting used of nursery. They were great support.” Parents Questionnaire 2013
  • “It is fantastic at providing a diverse environment. The children learn to appreciate other cultures and to celebrate their differences. The headteacher from The Abbey also commented on this at one of your recent events.”  Parents Questionnaire 2013 
  • “The way Children Learn about their own heritage and the heritage and views of others is particularly strong.” OFTED 2012.
  • “Parents are rightly confident that great care is taken to ensure the safety and well-being of all children” OFSTED 2012 .